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Interested in a pilot career with Jet2.com?

Jet2.com have teamed up with VA to host an Open Day for trainee pilots interested in the Pilot Apprentice Scheme.

The Jet2.com Pilot Apprentice Scheme provides fantastic career opportunities for pilots entering the world of commercial aviation, and attending the Open Day will be the ideal way for you to find out all about it and meet the team from Jet2.com.

The Open Day will take place on Saturday 12 May 2018 at the VA Training Centre at Cambridge Airport, near London Stansted.

This will be a unique opportunity for you to:

  • Meet the Jet2.com pilot recruitment team in person

  • Find out more about the Pilot Apprentice Scheme

  • Get answers to your questions about the scheme

  • Meet with existing Jet2.com Apprentice Pilots

  • Tour VA's facilities and see the new B737-800 simulator which entered service in January 2018.

If it's relevant to you, you will be welcome to stay on for a brief presentation and Q&A regarding the new APS MCC course structure introduced by EASA, and how it may affect you if you're still in training.

There is no cost to attend, and 100 places will be available.

Many of these places will be filled by invitation through the  flight schools we work with, so do ask your flight school if they are involved.

The remaining places will be reserved for individuals to book directly, and we will start accepting Open Day bookings from individuals on Thursday 3 May at 12pm (local time).

Advance booking is essential as we can only accept people on the day who are in possession of Ticket in their name.

To be eligible for the Open Day, you should already be undergoing commercial pilot training and be expecting to have a completed CPL ME/IR by the end of 2018, or already have a valid CPL ME/IR.


Please complete and submit the form below to register for the Waiting List, as we may be able to offer you a Ticket if additional places become available due to cancellations.

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