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Competency Assurance™

VA Competency Assurance™ has been designed to provide you with complete peace of mind and support during your training. 

  • VA programmes are aligned to ICAO Competency-based Training and Assessment (CBTA) standards and conclude with a skills test to demonstrate a clear commitment to you achieving the required competencies

  • If additional training is required to enable you to achieve the required competencies, additional training will be provided at NO ADDITIONAL COST. This enables you to focus completely upon your training and not worry about money.

  • Occasionally the APS MCC skills test standard may be beyond reach despite receiving additional training and our Head of Training may not award you a pass certificate. In these circumstances we take a fair and ethical position. If after receiving additional training, you are unable to reach the APS MCC skills test competence, you will still receive an MCC Completion Certificate and a partial refund of your APS MCC fee.

This unique Competency Assurance™ from VA offers even greater comfort to airlines and trainees alike that our APS MCC graduates really are AirlineReady® for entry into aircraft type rating training and subsequent airline employment.



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Designed to fully prepare aspiring airline pilots for a future flying career, it comprises APS MCC, Employment Fundamentals and Simulator Assessment Preparation.

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VA’s Ryanair Mentored APS MCC programme will see pilots trained by VA instructors, using Ryanair procedures, to prepare them for Ryanair Boeing 737 Type Rating assessment.

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Our Airline Pilot Standards MCC prepares newly qualified CPL/IR pilots with the necessary jet flying and multi-crew skills for airline assessment and their first aircraft type rating course.


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