"I have friends who had previously attended VA and they highly recommended the school to me"

After completing the AirlineReady course with VA, Simone got her first airline job, flying the Boeing 737-800.

I have been working towards my dream to become an airline pilot since I was very young. For me, becoming an airline pilot is a childhood dream. 

I started flight training whilst studying at university, which allowed me to get a degree and a commercial pilot license. After graduation, I decided to do my MCC with VA because I have friends who had previously attended and they highly recommended the school to me. 

My advice to future pilots would be to keep going, even when you are feeling at your lowest point and it feels impossible to become an airline pilot. Having been through it all, I understand how tough each step is to achieving your dream, however the end reward is overwhelming and very much worth the hard work. 

I would definitely recommend VA. The course is tailored towards airline employment, and prepared me well for my interview and assessment. It was a great course and I was surrounded by fantastic people. All of the instructors are experienced airline pilots who come from all over the aviation network. The team were very friendly and made sure that I was very happy with my training.

Although I was only with VA for a fortnight, I felt as though I was part of a family rather than just a customer.