APS MCC Registration Form


Thank you for your interest in joining VA Airline Training for our new Ryanair Mentored APS MCC course.

Before submitting, please check you meet the minimum entry requirements:

  • The right to live and work with unrestricted access across UK, EEA, EU or Switzerland

  • Be fluent in English (verbal and written) with a minimum ICAO Level 4 certified

  • Have passed all EASA ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations (frozen ATPL)

  • Hold a valid CPL(A) and valid multi-engine IR(A)

  • Be able to retain a valid EASA Class 1 medical

  • Be able to provide a certified security background check

If you do not meet the selection criteria for the Ryanair Mentored APS MCC, you may still be eligible to join our AirlineReady APS MCC course as whitetail trainee.

If you have any questions, please call 01223 979737 or send an email to: info@va-airlinetraining.com


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