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Heathrow Airport: What is causing the delay?

In December 2015, the decision was made to delay the decision on whether to allow a third runway at London Heathrow airport until the summer of 2016, due to environmental concerns.  The government stated that it was supporting more airport capacity in the South by 2030, as was recommended by the Airports Commission.  However, the statement lacked mention of the airport by name, which alluded to the fact that other viable options were still being considered, such as a second runway at London Gatwick airport, located directly to the south of London.  

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40 years ago today: Concorde makes its first commercial flight.

On 21st January 1976, at 11:40am, Concorde makes its first commercial flight, unbeknown that only 27 years later it would be pulled from passenger service.  In the short amount of time, Concorde made a large, and lasting impact on travellers who would be reminiscing about their flight (or inability to get a flight) on the iconic aircraft.

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Boeing rolls out the first 737 MAX

Today, thousands of Boeing employees celebrated the completion of final assembly of the first 737 MAX.

Today, the freshly painted 737 MAX 8, named the Spirit of Renton, was revealed to employees in a special teal version of the Boeing livery. After celebrations are complete, the aircraft will undergo pre-flight preparation in the factory before departing for Renton Field to continue flight test readiness. The aircraft is on track for first flight in early 2016.

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