VA and Titan launch the Cadet First Officer Programme


Launched in collaboration with Titan Airways, the Cadet First Officer Programme has been developed to offer an industry-leading opportunity for low-hours cadet pilots.

This is a bonded cadet recruitment programme, where the cost of the Type Rating and Base Training will be funded by Titan Airways. 

The recent industry norm has required aspiring airline pilots to take a significant risk and commit to a large upfront financial investment, long before being able to apply for an airline job.

The Cadet First Officer Programme is designed to break away from this norm, towards a new concept where the airline and ATO are partnering to make an airline pilot career more accessible for those with genuine ability - not just an ability to pay.

The stand-out feature of this programme is that it offers an opportunity for pilots of the highest calibre to secure a conditional job offer from the airline at a much earlier stage in their training. 

The programme is open to pilots who hold a CPL ME/IR - including those who have not yet completed an MCC+JOC. 

Candidates who pass the rigorous multi-stage selection process will then spend a month with VA, undergoing their enhanced AirlineReady® MCC+JOC training, with the security of having a conditional job offer from Titan Airways before starting.

Titan will oversee cadets’ progress throughout this stage of training. Providing they pass the final simulator-based evaluation, the cadets will be offered a First Officer position with the airline, and will be assigned to fly either the A320, B737 or B757. 

Director of Flight Operations at Titan Airways, Capt. Joe Dennett: “As Titan moves into its 30th successful year of operations at Stansted Airport, we are delighted to partner with the team at VA to offer an opportunity for the very best low-hours pilots to join the fun, professional and dynamic team at Titan Airways. As a Stansted-based airline it made sense for us to join forces with the well respected team at VA, who are local to us, being based at Cambridge Airport. VA and their team of professional instructors and examiners have shown great flexibility in helping us achieve our goal of introducing a programme which enables the best cadets to launch their flying careers with one of the UK’s oldest and most dynamic airlines - and all of this with a significantly lower personal investment by the cadet than has become the industry norm.”

Chief Commercial Officer at VA, Ben Boness: “It’s been a pleasure to work with Titan as their refreshingly forward-thinking approach has made it possible to create a cadet programme which genuinely challenges the status quo. It not only benefits the individual, but also enables the airline to recruit cadets of the right calibre by selecting at an earlier stage and overseeing their remaining training.”

The Cadet First Officer Programme launches on 15 August, and applications open shorty after. For details of how to apply, visit