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Abigail Withey joins the team at VA as Flight Training Advisor

VA welcomes Abigail Withey to the team in her role as Flight Training Advisor.

Abi has hands on experience with life on board the Boeing 737-800 and the A321 Neo, owing to her experience as cabin crew. With a background in sales and customer service, coupled with a strong interest in aviation, she will be helping our potential APS MCC pilots with course selection.

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VA welcomes Kieron Baker as Marketing Manager

Kieron Baker joins the team at VA as Marketing Manager, a new role owing to our emphasis on growth.

Having been in marketing for many years, Kieron comes to VA with previous experience working with the likes of Amazon, Eurosport and Cambridge University Press in previous roles. Most recently, he led the marketing efforts of Europes leading Equine Hospital, and joins the team with a keen interest in supporting our ambitions to deliver further quality training to even more pilots.

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Remote Tower Technology: Is Air Traffic Control moving into a new era?

Remote tower technology has the potential to revolutionise the Air Traffic Control sector, by allowing multiple airports to be operated from a single location, which could be a helping hand for smaller airports around the world, in particular some areas in countries such as Sweden where harsh winters often make air the only feasible means of transportation.

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