2FLY choose VA's AirlineReady® APS MCC


2FLY GROUP is to replace their current combined MCC/JOC course with the new AirlineReady® APS MCC delivered by VA.

The MCC/JOC training was the final phase of 2FLY’s flagship full-time ATPL programme 'Pro-Pilot' which, since it’s creation in 2012, has seen more than 250 students enrol and many are now flying as First Officers for leading airlines.

The switch to the new APS MCC course structure is a natural development says Sheldon England, 2FLY’s UK Director:

“As training providers we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of the pilots we produce. We believe this course will better equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to commence initial type rating training to standards higher than a traditional MCC/JOC.”

The new APS MCC course structure has been introduced by EASA to deliver enhanced MCC training to Airline Pilot Standards. VA’s AirlineReady® APS MCC was the first APS MCC course in the UK to be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

While enhancing existing multi-crew cooperation training, the APS MCC course also includes advanced swept-wing jet aeroplane training and airline operations scenario training. Overall, simulator training is doubled from 20 hours to 40 hours. There are regular progress checks throughout, with a Final Assessment at the end leading to the issue of an APS MCC certificate, provided the student has achieved the required performance level.

The course is delivered at VA’s Cambridge Airport Training Centre using a brand new B737-800 simulator.

2FLY Director Sheldon England (centre), with Nigel Orme and Ben Boness of VA.

2FLY Director Sheldon England (centre), with Nigel Orme and Ben Boness of VA.

“Everyone at VA is delighted that another training organisation wants to embrace the new APS MCC. It shows that we are all united in improving the quality of both our training and the pilots we produce. Such a path can only lead to an overall improvement of standards throughout the industry” said Ben Boness, Executive Director at VA.