Top 5 points to consider when choosing your MCC and JOC course

Top 5 points to consider when choosing your MCC and JOC course

Whether you have finished an integrated or a modular flying course, you may be asking yourself “Do I really need to now complete a MCC and JOC course to get my first airline job?”.  The answer is yes…kind of.  The MCC course is a compulsory part of gaining your EASA Frozen ATPL, however the JOC is not necessary, but is looked upon favourably by most airlines.  This alone may be a good enough reason to consider investing in a course for yourself...

What makes a good course?

Throughout your flying training it is essential that you pick the course that is correct for you.  Here are our thoughts on the top five things that make a good course:

  1. Reputation - make sure that you are spending your hard earned money on a reputable company, one that has years in the industry, a good accountability record, and a reputation for delivering first class training.  It is likely that there may be several companies out there trying to tempt you with the option of a cheap course, but it would be more advantageous to take part in a course which is slightly more expensive, but has a good record of training!
  2. Experienced Instructors - you want to make sure that you are being taught by instructors who have experience in teaching the course before, and preferably have airline experience themselves!
  3. Equipment - Equipment is one of the fundamentals of the MCC and JOC course, and it is good to be training on an aircraft that you hope to be flying, e.g. the Boeing 737 or the A320 if you are looking to go into a short haul airline.  You could use a generic jet simulator, however if you think you may have a simulator assessment when going into the airline, it may be worth finding a company which completes all the simulator training on a similar device.
  4. Class sizes - having a smaller class size can only improve your learning ability, so if there is an option to go with a company which has smaller classes, we would advise it!
  5. Continuity - Having the course continually run every day would ensure that you pick up the vital skills that come only with practice.  Attending a course over a long stretch of time could cause a few issues with continuity, and so we would recommend training consistently every day if possible.

Here at Virtual Aviation we do run our own AirlineReady™ MCC+JOC course, but we encourage you to research the current market, and have a look at other courses to ensure you make the best decision for you and your circumstances.

We do also offer a free visit to come and view our equipment and meet the team here at our training centre at Cambridge Airport.  This gives us the chance to answer any questions you may have about the course, and you may even get a little preview go on the simulator!

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