Heathrow Airport releases new third runway images

Heathrow Airport releases new third runway images

Heathrow Airport has released several new images of the airport with a third runway, including pictures of a new central terminal area and business park.

Photographs show the 3,200m stretch to the north of Terminal 5, with new hotel developments to replace what would be lost to the runway.

The impressions also unveil two main passenger terminals called Heathrow West, which will include Terminal 5 and 6 and transport hubs, and Heathrow East, an extended Terminal 2.

An underground passenger system to cut down travel times between terminals has also been included in the impressions.

In a statement released by the airport, bosses said the new plans could be a catalyst for an M25 with 14 lanes, as well as give the airport the 2040 people capacity they think it needs.

"Our proposal also compliments existing plans already in place to better connect Heathrow and the UK," a spokesman said. "This means that by the time a third runway is operational, new rail services to the north, east, south and west are due to be delivered."

According to the airport's most recent figures, a three-runway Heathrow would push up the number of flights a year to 740,000 and create routes to new destinations including cities in China.