Boeing engineers use Virtual Aviation for engine ground run training

During March we received a call from the engineer training department at Boeing in Germany regarding our 737-800 flight simulator at Cambridge Airport.

Boeing employ many engineers on a yearly basis, they were interested in using our simulator for engine start-up, shutdown, fire and emergency procedures. They explained that our simulator was perfect for this type of training as it has all the Boeing credentials and flight dynamics installed and primarily because it's a fixed base simulator. This provides a generous saving on the costs of training their engineers because they would usually use a full motion simulator with the motion switched off.

How could we possibly say no to Boeing?

We are very pleased to be welcoming the group of 7 engineers this coming summer to conclude their training and we are honoured to be a part of their engineering career working on the Boeing C-40B

For more information regarding bespoke training opportunities on the Boeing 737-800 simulator at Cambridge Airport please call Mark Green on 01223 979737.

James StevensonComment