Martin Grosso

When did you know you wanted to be an airline pilot?

In 2013 I went to New Zealand for an English course with EF. It was my first trip alone and when I arrived at the airport and aeroplanes (Emirates B777 and A380) the crews professionalism and willingness was amazing, especially the pilots. Since that day the aviation bug got me, and since then I’ve chased my dream of becoming a pilot.

When and where did you first learn to fly?

I started flying in my home country, Argentina. My first flight was in a Piper PA11 at a school called `Hangar Sud flying school´ located in Córdoba, Argentina, about 200km from where I was born.

What are you looking forward to the most about being an airline pilot?

My favourite things are that it is dynamic work and every flight is different. Also, once you reach a goal (First Officer for example) you can have another goal later on, becoming a Captain, Type Rating Instructor or Examiner... so you always have something to fight for. You also get to travel around the world, experience new cultures and food, and of course the views from the cockpit are amazing. The fact that the aviation environment allows me to know a lot of people, from all ages, cultures and religions, I believe is the best thing!

What challenges did you overcome on your journey to becoming an airline pilot?

I overcame quite a few challenges. In my case getting out of my comfort zone (especially when going to study abroad) at a young age was the most important thing. sometimes we don’t get the best results and we don’t know if we’ll fit in with an aviation career. It also was'n’t easy to leave my family, friends and all the things related to them, and it will not get any easier now that I have been offered a job in Europe.

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What advice would you give yourself at the start of your airline journey if you could?

Don’t give up on your studies, even if it’s really hard, and don’t forget to take some time off while studying and enjoy a little bit more of the journey.

If you weren’t an airline pilot what would you be?

Honestly, I don’t really know. Probably an accountant as my are parents or something to do with nature.

When did you land your first airline job?

10/01/2019, about 4 years after my first flight.

What aircraft will you be flying for your airline?

I will start training for the Boeing 737.

For those thinking about becoming an airline pilot, would you recommend it, and why?

I would definitely recommend it. You will meet a lot of people from all over the world and some amazing instructors, and every flight will be enjoyable, especially with the views that can’t be seen from the ground. As an experienced pilot once told me “At the end of the long tunnel, the light that you see is whiter than everything!”. It’s a really enjoyable ride. Just be prepared to study hard, have commitment, a really good attitude and professionalism in every respect.