"I would absolutely recommend VA. In fact, I already have! They offer real world advice and excellent training throughout the course."

Liam completed his flying training via a modular route, and was offered a position with a major UK airline soon after completing the AirlineReady® course with VA.

I have always had a passion for aviation, from as far back as I can remember. I remember growing up and visiting local airports, and taking a day trip tour to the Airbus factory on a chartered flight from Leeds Bradford when I was a teenager. I always looked forward to family holidays for the flights as much as the holiday itself!

After leaving Sixth Form and several years into a completely different career, the aviation bug was still present, so I started taking flying lessons. After achieving my PPL, I carried on hour building at Sherburn and Netherthorpe. I gradually built hours, flying to destinations all around the UK and France. I completed all my flight training on the modular route around my job. I then took a three-month break from work and travelled to Spain to complete my ME IR and CPL training between September and November 2015. 

Virtual Aviation was recommended to me by friends, who are both now flying for airlines. I started the AirlineReady™ course at VA in December 2015, and now I am just about to start my first commercial flying work, as a First Officer for a major UK airline!

The advice I would give to future students is that if you are 100% convinced that you want to become a pilot, then be persistent and understand there will be huge ups as well as huge downs. Never lose sight of the end goal and ensure you remain motivated.

I would absolutely recommend VA. In fact, I already have! The 737-800 simulator is fantastic, as are instructors Rob Sedgwick and Colin Ross. They offer real world advice and excellent training throughout the course. I enjoyed the full course at VA, met some great people and I am still in touch with my MCC partner from Italy! I am convinced the MCC and JOC are extremely important parts of your training and should not be overlooked.