Gianluca Vecchio

When did you know you wanted to be an airline pilot?

Since I was about 15 years old, I had a family member inspire me to be a pilot after seeing the success he had.

When and where did you first learn to fly?

I first started my training 4 years ago in Eastern Europe. It was a big change for me to move out there at the time, but a great experience all the same.

What are you looking forward to the most about being an airline pilot?

Knowing I’ll be in an environment I want to be in, and that i’ll be able to commit one-hundred percent of my effort into it while trying to build a career for myself.

What challenges did you overcome on your journey to becoming an airline pilot?

Mainly, the constant pressure and stress of flight training. In the last two years I have hardly had a break and was constantly preparing flight training tasks whether it was exams or something flight related. The exams never stop and you never stop learning when you’re in the flight training environment.


What advice would you give yourself at the start of your airline journey if you could?

Don’t get too demotivated after a setback, stay confident and persevere.


If you weren’t an airline pilot what would you be?

Formula 1 driver! Realistically I would have tried to take a path towards marketing or management.

When did you land your first airline job?

Four weeks after completing all my training in April of 2019, finishing with the APS MCC at VA. I was very lucky to get the airline I had always aimed for even before I started my flight training.


What aircraft will you be flying for your airline?

Boeing 737-800 and 737 Max.

For those thinking about becoming an airline pilot, would you recommend it, and why?

If you are passionate about Aviation and are dedicated enough to put up with all the delays and frustrations that can come along during training, and on the line as an airline pilot, then yes. You are never quite comfortable as it’s a demanding environment and I have it all ahead of me when I do start flying on the line.