"The advice I would give to aspiring airline pilots is to never give up on your dream, no matter what. Hard work pays off."

VA graduate Ben Micallef is now flying with Eastern Airways.

I chose the modular route to complete my flight training, which allowed me to continue working concurrently. I had a young family to support whilst funding my flight training.

Being a family man, the modular path was also ideal for me because I still got to see my family a lot. I first obtained my PPL, followed by hour building, I then obtained my MEP, ME-IR, CPL and concluded my flight training with the MCC at VA.

I first heard of VA when I was browsing on the internet looking for training providers. They invited me in for a preview visit where they showed me their facilities and let me fly the simulator. I was offered a course with flexibility to plan the sessions around my work schedule.

The AirlineReady® course was perfectly tailored to suit me, unlike other providers I approached. All members of the team were very helpful and friendly. I felt welcomed from the word go and remain in regular contact with VA now!

I would recommend VA as a training provider to everyone. The team at VA are there to help and they have a genuine interest in their students' progress.

The MCC helped me a lot to pass my airline assessment with Eastern Airways. After having completed my Type Rating it is now entirely clear to me why VA emphasises the importance of SOPs.

The instructors at VA are extremely experienced and are current airline pilots. All instructors I met were happy to exchange contact details. I’m still in contact with my instructor Colin Ross to ask him questions now, and he’s always more than happy to help.

My most memorable moment from the course was once I received my certificates. This made me realise it was time to go out and get myself a job - and now I am flying with Eastern Airways!

The advice I would give to aspiring airline pilots is to never give up on your dream, no matter what. I have met some lucky people in aviation and some inspirational ones. Hard work pays off.