Antonio Paris

When did you know you wanted to be an airline pilot?

It was a long time ago… I found out I wanted to be an airline pilot when I was around 9-10 years old.

When and where did you first learn to fly?

I started to fly in 2013 (PPL Licence) in Sabadell (Barcelona).

What are you looking forward to the most about being an airline pilot?

Being an airline pilot is a mix of things all at the same time. It is a dream come true, a passion. It is community service, doing what you really love to do. It is responsibility.

What challenges did you overcome on your journey to becoming an airline pilot?

As my parents didn’t have the money when I finished High School, they told me to first get a degree at university, and then if I still wanted to do it, I would have time to save enough money for that. So, I studied Electronics Engineering and started to work, saving all the money I could every month.

I must be honest and say that my wife was the key and my biggest support on this journey; She encouraged me to keep on working hard every day and to never give up until I could get my licence.



What advice would you give yourself at the start of your airline journey if you could?

To do exactly the same. It is worth all the effort you have to put in to get to the end.

If you weren’t an airline pilot what would you be?

I became an engineer before I became a pilot, but even when working as an engineer I was dreaming about being a pilot, so I would say that now I wouldn’t know what to be but a pilot.

When did you land your first airline job?

One month after finishing my APS MCC course with VA!

What aircraft will you be flying for your airline?

The ATR72 - 500.

For those thinking about becoming an airline pilot, would you recommend it, and why?

“A pilot is born and eventually becomes” - This sentence summarizes that if someone ever dreams about becoming a pilot, that they must work hard and go for it.

If you are thinking about becoming a pilot because it is your dream, or, you feel something special (even though you don’t know what it is by know), “do it”!

Study hard and keep your humility at all times taking into account that a pilot never stops learning. This will give you the top skills for being one of the good ones. Your reward will be as simple as the chance to become truly happy in life, knowing you’re doing something you love.